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    We are the best substitute of plastic

    Our products are manufactured using a patented, cutting-edge technology that is unique in the biodegradable materials market, and have the highest international certifications. They are free of microplastics, do not harm marine life, and decompose naturally, eliminating the need for home or industrial composting.


    Promoting exclusively
    Eco-Compatible Technologies

    The nature and spirit of our company are founded on promoting Eco-Compatible substitutes. We are the only ones in the region with a specialized laboratory dedicated to the development, study, and certification of biodegradable products.

    The world can't handle more polluting plastics

    At Green Team, we are constantly evolving to incorporate innovative, environmentally-friendly, and compatible products. More than a supplier, we are your partner. We are acredited by FDA, CE-Europe, RTCA-Central America, MERCOSUR, and others.

    Our manufacturing, development, and marketing team have been rigorously selected from the most valuable teams in the world to ensure that all our products set a global standard for the future of packaging and disposables.

    Our Materials

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    What is Biovitalio®? The Only Material That Is 100% Recyclable, Biodegradable, and Garden Compostable

    Biovitalio® is the first and only material that has it all to make disposables that DON’T pollute, meaning it absolutely fulfills all the premises that the circular economy seeks because:

    It’s 100% recyclable

    4 Reasons to Switch to Biovitalio® Biodegradable Disposables

    Each one of us can consume up to 70,000 plastic disposables per year in food and beverages, according to the Environmental Secretariat (SEDEMA). These plastics will remain in the earth for at least 200 years because they are not biodegradable, and most of them are not recycled either…


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